Friday, 3 July 2009

Quick French Manicure!

Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted for a few days, because I haven't been online much, due to it being SO hot here that it's hard to sit with a laptop anywhere near me for too long!!

I like hot weather but I hate sleeping in it...or should I say not sleeping in it.. Isn't it funny how when I go on holiday somewhere hot it doesn't bother me at all but here it just completely knackers me!

I shouldn't complain really, I'm sure the rain will soon be back :)

Anyway I haven't done much with my nails the past few days because as I said in my previous post, I've been giving them a bit of a breather! Tonight though I went out with some friends and just couldn't resist doing a quick french manicure before I went!

I chose BarryM's mint green because I'm in love with it at the moment :)

You can see some of the yellowness of my nails....eurgh! Drives me mad.....

This was 2 coats of base, 2 coats of BarryM mint green and then a top coat of a glitter polish that I think came from Debenhams originally.
As I said, I did this in quite a rush so it's nothing exciting really, but perfect for a summers evening out, I thought.

I can't take any pictures in the sunlight as I plan to take this off after I've finished writing this!
I have been shopping SO much this week but not bought myself any nail polish at all!! Scandalous! I, unfortunately, had to be sensible and buy clothes for once because it was getting to the point where all I had to wear out was nail polish and makeup ;)
I'm going for a long weekend in London soon with a few of my friends and I have been frantically searching for some comfortable but pretty shoes. I have the most sensitive feet in the world, I get blisters just walking to the car!!! I have really high arches which apparently doesn't help. I just don't want to be the one moaning every 2mins about my feet! Any ideas that would help would be appreciated!
So that's all for now! I'm off to stand by the fridge for a while!


Olivia C. said...

This is so cute! It's hot here, too. Kind of annoying when you want to go out and do stuff. It is good weather for swimming, though! :)

Kae said...

You have beautiful nails! I like the glitter addition makes it a little more fancy :D

Wan said...

You have such lovely nails! I really like the glitter too, they're so sparkly! Hope you'll have lots of fun in London! :D

Lisa said...

This is so super cute, i love it!!! Especially glitter, i ll have to try this manicure... Thanks for sharing

Lucy said...

I love this manicure! Your nails are a beautiful shape and length. Someday I'll have a French manicure. My nails are just to short yet. I love the combo of colors and glitter. That Barry M mint is really gorgeous. I have the opposite kind of feet. Mine are so darn flat. They kill me! Have a great time in London.

Helen said...

Fab glitter - I like this because it's a little bit different.

Comfy shoes - I spend my life on that quest but end up with silly ones I can't wear, but buy because they are so pretty! Depends what you want - I'm living in a pair of flip flops from Sainsbury's at the moment as the foam base is quite thick so they are really cushioning and comfy.

tuli said...

I love this mani and this mint green you've chose is such a beautiful color - It looks great !!

Danielle said...

Love this French Mani! Simply beautiful. I am starting to fall in love with Barry M Mint Green - I've seen a couple of swatches now and it's such a pretty colour, looks lovely with the glittery overlay! :)