Thursday, 16 July 2009

Look how short they are!! Plus konad of the day :)

I cut my nails. I had to do it. I was spending far too much time obsessing over whether to do it or not!! Then yesterday the nail on my right hand ring finger split so I took that as a sign and just chopped them all off! I know some of you will think I'm mad but the reason my nails are so strong and I can grow them so long is partly due to me doing this occasionally. It gives them a fresh start :)

They are so short though... I already miss my long ones! Never mind, it won't take them long to grow back.

Today I thought I'd try out another Nails Inc colour - Chesham Street. It is a beautiful colour and definitely added to my favourites list. My only complaint about it is that the brush was a bit rubbish!

It's described as a blue and admittedly looks blue in the pictures but in real life it looks more purple to me!

I took a million pictures of this polish but I just couldn't capture just how amazing it is!

It just looks like a navy blue in all these pics but there is alot more to this polish than that :)

The below picture is the closest I could get to showing the purple in the polish.

As I said yesterday I am going to see Harry Potter tonight and I was going to attempt to draw some HP themed things on my nails with my nail brushes but I just haven't had the time today so I just did a more simple idea instead.

This is using konad plate m3.

I'm quite pleased with the result :)

Anyway, I am off to have some dinner and watch Harry Potter.
Hope everyone's having a good week! Nearly the weekend - yaya!


auroragyps said...

I do the same to my nails when several of them start to peel or break. I never wear them very long to begin with (the length your nails are now is the longest I let mine get), so sometimes I have to cut them all the way down and just make sure they're shaped nicely.

Mary said...

Pretty shade! Nail Inc. polishes always look great when someone posts them, but not a brand we have in the US. I always miss my nails too, but find them easier to Konad, for example when they're short. And they'll grow back :)

Lucy said...

Your nails still look gorgeous. I love that colour. Very pretty on you. I adore the little stars. That will go well seeing Harry Potter. I hope it's as good as the others. I always hope JK Rowling will revisit Harry Potter at a later date and write another book. I would love that.

Inbal said...

I love this length of your nails. I also think that dark polish looks best on short nails. and that fascinating blue on your shorter nails looks great!
I love the konad stars - very harry pottery :-)
enjoy the film! (I'm going next week)

Nicole said...

They are short! But they look great, I love the shape of them :)
That's a seriously gorgeous color! In your photos it looks like my OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! but that one shot, I see the purpley color in it.

Kae said...

I like them short :)
That is a pretty color, love the purple flash you see, and your stars are super cute!!

Nosaby said...

They look great. LOVE the stars.

Selina said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to get that colour. I love me some dark blue and dark purple, so it's gotta be a winner!

Danielle said...

I would miss long nails too but I really like the short-er nails. You've shaped them beautifully. And I love the Harry Potter inspired nails. Colour of polish and Stars fab! :)

beauty cosmetics said...

looking very pretty. Specially Stars!!

Caramel Diva said...

This nail polish is very pretty:)

Crissy said...

Wow.. that's a very pretty color. I don't think I've ever seen that brand before.

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

that is so pretty! I've only recently started liking nail polish and have yet to figure out how to do designs of any sort. maybe someday!


cmp381 said...

I love that color! It is what I was hoping Illamasqua's Phallic would be.
I love the pictures of Barnaby, he is adorable!