Sunday, 26 July 2009

BarryM Racing Green


I have been slacking at posting again :(

I haven't really done much with my nails this week. I've been a bit of a stress head and also have been a bit ill the past couple of days..probably due to the stress!!

Anyway I'm feeling loads better now so I thought I'd do a couple of post with the 2 colours I've worn this week.

For anyone wondering, Bobo is much better but still not fully recovered. She only had to spend 1 night at the vets but has been on painkillers and antibiotics ever since which means a daily trip to the vets! She is not amused.

So the colour I had on earlier in the week was BarryM Racing Green.

I wasn't sure about it at first but then I saw it in the light and really loved it. Iwas going to konad it but just didn't get round to it in the end.

This was 2 coats. Good application as ever with BarryM.

I think it'd look good with a konad design so I'll definitely putting it back on at some point.

That's it for this post. I will be doing another one straight after this of the franken I made this week!


Mary said...

I love that shade! Greens ae one of my favorites. Glad you and Bobo are doing better :)

Selina said...

Love that on you. I was not at all thrilled with it on me, but it really suits you.

Glad to hear Bobo is doing ok :) I hope Barnaby is not being too much of a frisky pain to poor unwell Bobo!

Nicole said...

I really do like that on you! I know you weren't sure about it, but it really suits you and it's a gorgeous color!
Thank you for updating about Bobo, I'd been meaning to ask but every time I think about it I'm not near my Twitter. *lol*

Helen (Nice Things) said...

Ahh you keep beating me to it on the Barry Ms! ;)

Love this one. I like the shimmer in it.

Glad Bobo's doing better too x

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

Wow - Two coats, that is a beautiful color. This is similar to on of my fav's.

Lucy said...

That's a lovely green on you. Hope Bobo will be feeling top form soon. Poor thing, I'm sure you'll give him lots of love. A big (((hug))) to you and hope your feeling better.