Saturday, 11 July 2009

Some Purple and some Sparkle!

Hello Everyone!

I have been slacking this week on doing blog posts... I just haven't had a chance until now! I took photos of any polish changes though so I have a couple in reserve :)

I've had such a busy week and I can't believe it's the weekend already...where did the week go??

I was very excited earlier in the week to get my first blog award from Helen and Sheenie's Nice Things. Made my day :) It was an Adorable Blog Award and I will be posting my nominees very soon, I just haven't had time to think about it yet!

Anyway there are lots of pictures in this post so I shall get started :)

Earlier this week I finally got the opportunity to try out the 2nd polish that MagicXMaid sent me - Sinful Colors - Daddy's Girl.

This is 3 coats. It's a really, really lovely purple and I love it! My only minus about it would be that it takes forever to dry! Well worth the wait though. Just got to remember not to rely on this one when I'm in a rush...

I wore it plain for a couple of days and then decided to try NYX silver glitter over the top. Well, it was love at first sight! I just love the effect and love how it looks different in all lights!

I couldn't capture how nice the glitter looks in photos but the glitter is holographic so really sparkles!

I will definitely be doing this one again!

Some of you may remember that thumbnail cracked a couple of weeks ago and I fixed it with superglue. I had every intention of waiting until it'd grown a bit more before I chopped it down but I just couldn't put up with it in the end... The superglue worked fine but it looked horrible and even when covered in polish I just knew it was there...if you know what I mean! So I chopped it down. I had to go right to the quick. It looks very sorry for itself compared to my other nails!

Because it was my thumbnail though I haven't cut the others down because a thumbnail is easy enough to hide!

Here is the sorry nail below (it's grown a bit since the chop!) -

Also this week my first Konad stuff arrived! I was so excited! I have been playing around with it a bit but not on my nails yet. I didn't get loads in my first order as I wanted to make sure I could get the hang of it first. I will post my first attempt very soon :)
Finally I have had a little addition to my family this week. His name is Barnaby (UK people may guess where that came from!) and he's just over 8 weeks old. Isn't he adorable!


Nicole said...

Firstly - look at that cute baby! Aww! The purple of course looks great on you, but adding that topcoat of chunky glitter really nailed it, that's totally gorgeous!
Let me know what you think of the Konad. I want to try it out badly, but I have to be a little good for a little longer. LOL!

Kae said...

That polish with glitter over it is gorgeous! Grats on your award :D

I can't wait to see some konadicures, and your kitty is sooo adorable.

Wan said...

Your little kitty is sooo cute!:D

The purple alone is really pretty, but it looks simply GORGEOUS topped with the glitter! Love it!

Selina said...

It takes a lot to distract me from nail polish, but that kitten did it! So very very cute!

Danielle said...

The polishes look fantastic and you will definitely enjoy doing the stamping but I am sorry the new kitten has distracted me - oh my I am a real cat fan and Barnaby is beautiful. Those eyes - make me melt! Sweetheart! Boy cats are so snuggly!

Nosaby said...

What an adorable kitten!!!

The nail polish is cool, too.

Helen (Nice Things) said...

Those NYX glitters are fantastic - looks awesome!

And the kitty - I LOVE cats and he is absolutely the cutest. Kittens and nails - I'm in a happy place now!

Olivia C. said...

I have Daddy's Girl, too and I love it!
Your kitten is adorable!! :)

Lucy said...

Gorgeous polish, looks so pretty on you. I love the glitter! Now to that adorable kitten. Oh how sweet he is! Barnaby, is he named for the street or the detective?

Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle said...

Ahhh I'm so glad you all like Barnaby! Well who couldn't like him hey ;)

Lucy - he's named for the detective :) I LOVE murder mysteries!

Trincess said...

I think I'm going to eat your kitty alive =D I seriously adore tabby cats. <3
I love all your manicures =) Added you on my blogroll!