Thursday, 24 December 2009

Yes, it's another Emerald Sparkle Manicure!


I have redone my nails again after ruining the last manicure by cleaning the bathroom!

I did consider using something else other than China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle but only for about 10 seconds :) It's just such a perfect Christmas colour that I just can't not have it on for Christmas day.

This time I put a coat of Sinful Color's All About You over the top and then a coat of China Glaze's Fairy Dust over the top of that. So basically the same as the manicure I did about 3 posts back but this time with Emerald Sparkle instead of Watermelon Rind and plus I added some rhinestones!

Here's how it looks -

My cuticles are messier than usual because I haven't tidied them up properly yet! Had to take pictures and do this post now though as I won't have time later.

This will be my last post until after Christmas and possibly the New Year as I may be going back to my hometown next week.

So Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to those of you who don't celebrate Christmas! I hope everyone has a great time and gets to relax, eat lots and most importantly - laugh! xx

Another Emerald Sparkle Manicure!


This is just a quick post to show you what I currently have on my nails.

It's another look using China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle -

Along with Emerald Sparkle as the base I used Sinful Color's Queen of Beauty and Barry M's Silver.

I've had this on for a day but just ruined it by cleaning the bathroom without gloves on! I shall have to do something else now :)

As I said, just a quick post as I have a small gnome or something trying to hammer it's way out of my head! Ouchie.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle and a couple of dodgy manicures!


Today I thought I'd show you a couple of manicures I've done this week that didn't really turn out as I expected.

Both times they were meant to be festive manicures but both times they didn't really turn out quite as I had imagined in my head!

The first one was a french manicure using China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle (thank you Judy!), Sinful Colors All About You, CG Fairy Dust and CG Ruby Pumps for the Konad Stamp.

This didn't stay on long because it just didn't look quite right to me... I think I need to get a better red for konading!

Next I tried a manicure using pretty much the same polishes again apart from Fairy Dust -

(China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps with Sinful Colors All About You)

Again, this just didn't quite work for me! Rather than look festive I think it looks more like a flag of some sort!

So not much success for me there! Before I did either of those though I did try out Emerald Sparkle on it's own -

SUCH a gorgeous green! Absolutely love it.

The snow here is so bad at the moment! I wished for snow so much but it's a classic case of be careful what you wish for! It'd be ok if we didn't need to go out but we don't have the turkey yet!!! I hope it slows down enough for us to go get it tomorrow.

Lastly here are a couple of really short videos for you. The first one is my 2 cats, Bobo and Barnaby, doing their favourite thing - wrestling!

About 2 seconds after I stopped filming Bobo fell off the bed and they both dashed off on a mad gallivant around the house!

Lastly, I saw this video of someone else's cat and it's so cute and funny!!

Friday, 18 December 2009

My First Swap Goodies!


As some of you may have seen here, Judy from Beauty Judy and I did a swap! It was my first 'official' swap (Niki and I have exchanged stuff but not as part of a proper swap!) and I was so excited to do it!

For the past week or so I have been stalking the postman waiting for him to bring me my package but he's a sneaky one and decided to surprise me by coming at about 7 in the morning yesterday. Luckily I managed to shove Maz out of bed to answer the door and there it was, a package of goodies!

Any hopes Maz had of going back to sleep soon disappeared as he witnessed the squeals coming from me! ( I could insert a rude joke here but I won't lower the tone...*snigger*)

So here's what Judy sent me -

Yummy things! As you can see, the Kandy Kakes have already been tried and they were delicious!

A nail art kit, toe seperators (purple glitter! Could they be anymore perfect for me?!), 2 Bonbons Lip Juicers (the whole package smelt of these!), an Ulta lip gloss pot and a tiger 'born to be wild' nail file.

Next the polishes!

(L-R) Fantasy Makers Black Magic, Love My Nails All That (for that deep wet look - another easy opportunity to lower the tone! Made me and Maz laugh!), Rescue Beauty Lounge's Scrangie, Hard Candy's Mr Wrong, Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud and Icing's Roger That (!)

(L-R) China Glaze's Devotion, Fortune Teller, Emerald Sparkle, Meteor Shower and Blue Sparrow.

Can you see why I'm so happy?! All the pretty colours! Judy fulfilled so many of my lemmings (only about 300 more to go!) and it always amazes me how much prettier bottles look like in real life than in pictures! Meteor Shower and Fortune Teller being the biggest examples of that! I know I'm about 2 months behind with Fortune Teller but I love it and will still be wearing it to show everyone whether you like it or not!!!

Anyway I love everything. I am in polish heaven and will be spending the weekend doing my nails and then doing Maz's if I run out!

So thank you SO much Judy! You chose the perfect things for me :)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Christmassy Manicure!


I was inspired by this post here on Beautopia's blog to do a Christmas tree inspired manicure.

I did this manicure last night and I used China Glaze's Watermelon Rind as I didn't have Emerald Sparkle but then guess what arrived in the post this morning?? My swap package from Beauty Judy containing Emerald Sparkle!! More about that package in a later post. I so wish I'd waited because Emerald Sparkle is so much more a Christmassy green!

Anyway I used CG's Watermelon Rind with a layer of Sinful Color's All About You over the top and then, because I didn't feel it was quite sparkly enough, I added a layer of CG's Fairy Dust as well.

Here's the result -

I couldn't really get a good shot of how sparkly and festive it actually looks! Silly dark and gloomy weather!! You will have to trust me when I say that in person the gold comes through a lot more and it looks very Christmassy! Maz made more ooohhs and ahhhs over it than he has anything in a while....*cough, cough* ahem, when it comes to nail polish that is.

Also since I last posted I've become an Aunty again! My brother and his wife had a baby boy who they've called Benjamin. He is absolutely gorgeous and I have already spent far too much time looking at baby clothes/things! I can't wait to meet him but in the meantime my brother is keeping me up to date with lots of pictures.

Here he is -

Isn't he absolutely gorgeous!

I will be posting again later to show you my fantastic swap package from Beauty Judy!

It's nearly Christmas!!! Wahoo!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Decorations!


This is another quick post and completely non polish related!

I thought I'd show you my Christmas Tree and other decorations :)

There is more stuff around the room but impossible to get a good shot!

I should maybe have turned the tv off :)

I'm sooooo excited for Christmas!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Color Club Electronica Konadicure


This is a really quick post to show you my nails for the Christmas party I'm going to tonight!

I used Color Club's Electronica (such a gorgeous colour!) with Stargazer's Chrome Silver and konad image plate M65 over the top -

Those picture's were all taken pre cleanup so my cuticles look a lot better now :)

I love how it turned out, although the fact that some of the lines have gone wonky is kind of bugging me but... I don't have time to do it again!

I'm so excited about the party! Turkey dinner and an open bar. Woohoo!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

HJ Manicure - Midnight Sky


I have given up waiting for brighter weather to take photos of my current manicure in! I have a feeling I'd be waiting until next year :)

As I said in my previous post, I am currently wearing Midnight Sky from HJ Manicure and I absolutely LOVE it.

HJ Manicure is a brand I found through Twitter and Helen, the owner, very kindly sent me a couple of her polishes to try!

The first one I put on was Midnight Sky. It's an absolutely gorgeous dark blue with just a hint of purple and sparkle. I have not stopped looking at my nails since putting it on as it's one of those polishes that looks different in different lights.

Here are some pictures -

Isn't it lovely? I just wish there was some sun to take some pictures in because then I might have been able to capture the flash of purple a bit better.
I've had this polish on for several days now thus why the cuticle area doesn't look too great in the pics! My nails grow so fast!

The application was great and only took 2 coats.

Along with the polishes, Helen also sent a shade chart of all the colours available. Lethal in my case as I now want them all!!

(Click on the picture to get a better view!)

Midnight Sky has definitely shot into my top 5 favourite polishes list. I think I will do a konad over it this week and wear it to the Christmas party!

Visit HJ Manicure here!

The other shade that Helen sent me was R8 which is a dark grey colour. I will show you that in another post :)

Hope everyone's having a good week so far! I'm off to decorate the Christmas tree!