Monday, 13 July 2009

BarryM Turquoise


I hope everyone's had a nice weekend! Mine was lots of spring cleaning. It's sad but I like to clean :)

As well as spring cleaning I went shopping on Saturday morning and got a few new polishes.

The 2 Sally Hansen ones were 2 for a £1 from the pound shop and I got them to make frankens with!

I also got BarryM Turquoise (I really wish they'd be more original with their names!). It's very similar to Mint Green but that's exactly why I got it!

I love this colour just as much as the Mint Green!
After finishing this I plan to attempt to put some konad on it..... if it goes well I will post the results!
I'm glad so many of you thought my new kitten, Barnaby, is cute! I am so in love with him :) Lucy, you were right about him being named after the detective! I am a big murder mystery fan.
I will post some more pics of him for you guys to see soon!
That's it for now. Keep your fingers crossed that I get on ok with the konad because I don't want to take this colour off just yet :)


Mary said...

What a pretty shade! I only have 4 Barry M's but have been very impressed by them.

Kae said...

I like your sudsy picture! Very nice color on you :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kae, I liked the sudsy picture too but I do love the polish. This one is lovely and looks gorgeous on you. I am definitely thinking of ordering some Barry M but I'm in Australia, do you know what there online site is like for international orders? oh, and please cuddle Barnaby for me.... :)

Selina said...

Barry M Turquoise is one of my absolutely faves. It reminds me of the colour of the Twitter logo!

Danielle, I am in New Zealand (hellooooo over there in Australia) and I've ordered several times from the Barry M website. They are awesome, good customer service and really speedy delivery - I'd recommend them.

Tuli said...

What a nice haul you got there ! This Turquoise is SO beautiful - it looks amazing on you !!

And little Barnaby is soooooooo cute and beatiful ! We have two cats, twins, we took them when they were 10 weeks old and they're now 3 years old and we always say that they added so much fun, love and joy to our little family - and I wish you the same :-)

Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle said...

Thanks everyone :)

Danielle - As Selina said, BarryM do ship internationally but I've heard the shipping costs are quite high...they may have changed that by now though!

Tuli - Thank you :) We already have 1 cat who is just over 2 years old. We've always said it's the best thing we ever did because she brings us so much happiness! Now we have Barnaby as well and we are loving it!

Lucy said...

I love that turquoise. Sometimes I wish the nail companies were less descriptive with their names. It's hard to distinguish some of the colors. Your nails looks just gorgeous with that polish on. I love the Inspector Barnaby Mysteries. I was catching them here but now they've stopped. Even BBC America has stopped showing mysteries. Mosstly everything is reality crap. I am so annoyed and emailed them twice to no avail. I just love watching those mysteries and that one is my favorite.

Selina said...

Barry M international shipping is £8.00, which admittedly is not cheap but in my experience is in line with other international sites when shipping to this side of the world. Certainly if you were only ordering one or two polishes it's a lot, I always make sure I've got several polishes I want before I go ahead and order, also going in with a group of friends is a good option that way you can spread the shipping cost between you.

Helen (Nice Things) said...

This one is really nice!
Another one I have in the untried basket. I really need to think of a strategy as to what order I need to do things in!