Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Black Sparkle


First off, Kae asked what the tip was like on my new art pen so here's a pic for you :)

Secondly one of my friends recently gave me 3 mini polishes that she got for her birthday but had never used. They're not branded so I have no idea where they're from but I thought I'd give one of them a go tonight.

Sadly, I was not impressed! The colour in the bottle is a black with lots of different colour sparkle. I was really excited when I saw it as I thought it'd be really pretty on but.....

...as you can see from the pics, the sparkle doesn't really show up at all! So disappointing :( Plus the application was awful and I'm not keen on the finish either! Thank goodness it was free ;)

So after that disappointment I decided to try to jazz it up a bit. I was quite pleased with the results. Again a simple design but simple's as far as I've got so far ;)

The reason only 2 fingers are in the pictures is because I tried something different on the other fingers which wasn't quite as successful...to put it mildly!

That's it for today! I may give my nails a bit of a breather for a couple of days and do some tag posts that I've been meaning to do.

Hope you're all having good weeks!


Nailz-In-Aus said...

ur nails are super cute hun i like the pattern you came up with, its a real shame about the nail colour thank god u didnt buy it hehehehe tc

Kae said...

Thanks for the pen pic! It's very interesting, looks awesome for dotting too. I like your design it's very pretty :)

Lucy said...

I like the decoration. I hate when a polish looks great in the bottle only. So disappointing. As Kae said good thing you didn't have to pay for it. At least you can glam the polish up with decorations.

Wan said...

I love the design on your nails! It's nice how you can decorate polish that you don't love and make it super pretty like this! : )