Wednesday, 24 June 2009

BarryM Blue Glitter

Hello Everybody! Hope you are all having lovely days :)

I finally had to take the lubu heels off last night because my thumb nail split! Disaster! I don't even know how it happend but it's splitting below the quick and looks horrible! I've repaired it for the time being as it would hurt to take it off and with polish on it's not obvious unless you're properly looking for it!

So I was planning on trying the other polish (Daddy's Girl) that MagicXMaid sent me next but I ended up putting on BarryM's blue glitter (such an original name) because it went with the outfit I was wearing out!

Don't forget to click on the pictures to see the full effect!

Above and below were taken in sunlight.

Below taken in shade.

Below taken in un-natural light.

I love this polish :) It's so shiny and sparkly! It looks amazing in all lights, applies really well and is chock full of glitter from the first coat! (3 coats on in these pics).
Finally here's a picture of my repaired nail, you can see a slight bump where the repair job's been done!

Luckily my nails grow very fast so it shouldn't take too long until I can sort it properly!
I haven't had time to play with my new brushes yet but hopefully next post will show some of my experiments!
Let me know what you think of this polish! Love hearing you guys thoughts!


Mary said...

That looks so pretty on you! I recently got my first Barry M's and love them. Looks like I'll be adding this one to my next 'wish' list!

Nicole said...

That is HOT!!! I love it. And of course it has the ooh shiny glitter in it. ;)

Lucy said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous blue glittery explosion on your nails. Just love it. Your nails are so pretty sorry you cracked one. It's good that your nails grow fast. Wish mine did.

Kae said...

Stunning glitter, very pretty

Nailz-In-Aus said...

this is a amazing colour i love it really pretty

Helen said...

I have this one but haven't tried it out yet - looks amazing on you! I also have the red and green glitters.

Oh noooo I hope it doesn't mean my breaks are contagious! Did you teabag it??

Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle said...

Thanks everyone :) It's definitely one of my favourites!

Helen - I didn't teabag it because I'd forgotten about that method... I superglued it :) Probably not the best solution but so far it's working!!

Meevia said...

WOW.. I love this color!:)