Sunday, 7 June 2009

Home Alone

My boyfriend is away this weekend in London so I'm home alone trying not to spend money as it's my boyfriend's birthday next week and I want to spoil him!

So what I've been doing is eating alot. Eating so much that I've spent most of today feeling very ill! That'll teach me :)

I also have just tried some new colours on my nails.

The pink is the BarryM that I've already shown on here on my toe nails but I wanted to see it on my finger nails as well so I thought I might as well show you! I love it.

The other 2 are both Collection 2000 colours although I'm not sure about their names as for some reason they're not on the bottles and I can't remember. I like both these colours but think the blue especially could do with a topcoat. I've run out of top coat though! Need to get some more tomorrow maybe.

I took the pictures in my bathroom because it's got the best lighting but I may take more tomorrow in daylight because these pics don't really do any of the colours justice!

Also I had some help in the bathroom :) -

She was playing with a hairband and the bath mat.

This was her earlier keeping me company on the sofa whilst I was feeling ill. It's a hard life!


Nicole said...

Ahaha, look at that cute kitty on her BACK! You did some pretty polishing - that pink reminds me of a couple of the neons I have, I am loving the bright colors they are coming out with this summer!

Brooke said...

awww - what a cute Kitty! I added your blog to my new blogs on the block post today on my blog - Getcha Nails Did.

Good luck and keep up the great nail pics!

Glittermillie said...

Nicole - Yeah I love the brights too! I used to a strictly dark polish girl but I've really come to change my mind recently!

Brooke - Thank you so much!

Lucy said...

Very pretty polishes. You have such nice long nails. Your cat is so pretty. I used to have one the same color.