Thursday, 11 June 2009

Nail Shiner Review

Yesterday in my haul I bought a QVS nail shiner from Superdrugs (£2.49) which claims to have the latest 'shine' technology and get rid of staining. How could I resist giving it a go?!

My nails are very stained at the moment due to me being silly and not using base coat for a while. The yellowness really drives me mad and I've tried several things to get rid of it so this was just another thing in a long list!

Below is a picture of my natural nails with nothing on them at all.

The nail file has 2 sides. One side is a low abrasive side that gently smooths ridges and removes stains and the other side buffs and shines.
Below you can see the results.

I have to say that while it didn't do much for the yellow staining it really worked on the other staining and made my nails really shiny! Not sure how well you can see it in the picture but the shine is really very good.
So I am still on the hunt for something to get rid of the yellow staining (although I suspect I may just have to wait for it to grow out) but I will definitely be using this nail shiner again!


Nicole said...

I'd love to find something to get rid of the yellowing I have as well, I now have a "yellow preventing" topcoat, but nothing to get rid of that yellow I already have. However - that's quite a gorgeous shine!

Joyce said...

Hi Millie!

I use a buffer from Creative Nail Design called the girlfriend buffer and it makes my nails SUPER shiny! If you have that in the UK definitely give it a try xx