Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Small Haul!

I went shopping today to get the last bits and pieces I needed for Maz's birthday. Whilst I was there, I of course had to have a quick look at the nail polishes :)

Today's haul is a very, VERY cheap one. I didn't have much to spare as anything I spent on myself was less to spend on Maz! So I only bought cheap brands. Some of them I've tried before, some I haven't.

I got a nail shiner that claims to use the 'latest' shine technology and gets rid of any staining. I'm hoping it's going to help with some of the yellowing of my nails as they've got really bad recently due to me running out of base coat....

I also got some sparkly things to stick on my nails. They only cost a £1 so how could I not!

The above nail polishes were 3 for £5 ($8). I've got a couple of these polishes already and they are surprisingly good quality for the price so I decided to give their base coat and top coat a go because something's better than nothing! Also thought I'd try the greeny yellow colour (they don't have names, just numbers).

Finally I got a NYC polish called starry silver glitter (inspired) because I've never tried NYC and a bronze polish from my local supermarket which cost £1.88 ($3) so will be interested to see what that's like!
As you can see from the picture above and below, I had my usual little helper :)
The only other thing I got were some false eyelashes but I haven't pictured them as they are just a run of the mill pair! They also cost £1.
Tonight after I've posted this I will be soaking my nails in lemon juice (heard it helps with staining!) and then giving the nail shiner a go! If the results are any good I'll put some pics of my bare nails up.
So, yep, cheap and cheerful for me today!


Lucy said...

Hi Millie! I hope the lemon juice works. I have a big bottle of Real Lemon in my refrigerator. I don't use it for anything buy honey & lemon when I get a cold. I also heard to use peroxide. My nails are stained from a NYX polish of the same type yellowish/green. I hope they don't stain your nails. I always use a base coat. SO I don't know what causes them to get like that.