Monday, 8 June 2009

Experimenting with pigments

So I decided to do some experimenting tonight to see if I could make a new colour for my nails. These photos show you the result!

I used a clear nail varnish mixed with one of my many pigments and put on two coats.
I'm pretty pleased with the result to be honest! I'm not sure how well you can see it in the pictures (if you click on them the green shimmer is alot more obvious in the larg versions) but it's pretty much black with green shimmer in it. The green shows up alot more than I thought it would.

The pigment I used was asylum by theshespace.
You can can see it here theshespace . It's right at the bottom of the page.

So yeah I like it and I think there will plenty more pigment experiments to follow! I got the idea from someone elses blog but I can't for the life of me remember whose... I will try to find out.

My nails actually badly need shaping, especially my index finger in the pics as I chipped a bit of the nail off during a battle with the tv.

Also I'm going to try to make my layout a bit better because at the moment I'm not able to add things like a twitter link to it.

See, I'm making an effort to keep this up :)


Lucy said...

Hi Millie! Nice to have another nail blog to read. I like the color that you made. Very pretty on you. I also have alot of pigments from I'll have to try the same thing. But way in the future since I have scads of polishes I haven't worn yet. Looking forward to more polish love.