Thursday, 14 January 2010

Small Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Hello again! This is my 3rd post today after not posting anything for over a week!

I have been meaning to do this giveaway for ages but various factors have stopped me until now!

It's only a small giveaway but I plan to have a bigger one in the next month or so that will be more of a contest than a giveaway!

A while ago I ordered the first Eyeko nail polish collection. Eyeko very kindly included 3 extra bottles in my order for me to give away.

Here they are -

(L-R) Eyeko Pastel Polish, Saucy Red Polish and Vamp Polish

I personally love them because they are just too cute!! The Vamp polish is actually a very dark blue rather than the black it looks in the picture.

Also along with that I thought I'd chuck in a bottle of Rimmel's Blue Me Away -

I have 2 bottles of it so why not let someone else have it! Personally I think it's more of a purple than a blue...

None of the polishes have been opened or used at all.

Anyone can enter but you must be a follower and answer the following question -

What are the names of my 2 cats? I mention them all the time in my posts so it shouldn't be too difficult to find out :)

Just leave the answer along with your email address in the comments box and I will do a random draw on the 22nd February. If you prefer not to leave your email address in the comments then you can email me your entry to

Good luck and don't forget to keep an eye out for another contest coming up soon!

EDIT: I've just realised that asking the question is a bit pointless when only the first commenter needs to answer it and everyone else can copy!! Hahahah! Duh! Oh well might as well carry on now :)


Anonymous said...

Great giveaway, even small giveaways are great :)

Your cats are called Bobo and Barnaby

My e-mail address is: planebeauty[at]hotmail[dot]com

Amberski said...

Bobo and Barnaby are your furbabies! Awesome giveaway, thanks.

Alisa said...

Great giveaway, thanks!

Your cats are Bobo and Barnaby (great names by the way).

Rebecca said...

Barnaby and Bobo aww
I've been considering buying the Eyeko polishes for a couple of weeks now, the bottles are funky!
Thanks for the giveaway.

Musicalhouses said...

I'm already a follower! And 6they're Bobo and Barnaby! And I also know that they like wrestling with each other! And you even put up a video of them wrestling! CUTENESS!

See, see, I know!:P (And no I'm not your secret stalker :P )

Anyway, my email is musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

Jean said...

Amazing giveaway! I've been wanting to try Eyeko polishes so badly.

Your cats are named Bobo and Barnaby. Such cute names!

My email address is

Sophie said...

BoBo and Barnaby :)

My email is :)


Jean said...

Oh, and I am a follower! I forgot to mention that, haha.

Leanne said...

I knew their names were Bobo and Barnaby anyway ;P I remember watching your nail polish storage video on youtube!
Pastel polish is one of my absolute favourite colours, the formula's just a bit of a bugger to work with!
that-white-girl at live dot co dot uk

Anonymous said...

bobo and barnaby. (my friends cat is named bobo. it means silly in portugese i think)

chocaddict said...

Your cats are named Barnaby and Bobo ^_^
very nice giveaway thanks :)
I'm a follower
my email is moncoinamoua(at)hotmail(dot)com

Liza said...

Cats names are Bobo and Barnaby :)
I so want those polishes, thanks for iveaway.
My e-mail is

Halifax said...

Guess I wouldn't need to state the cats' names anymore huh, lol? Thanks for the giveaway

Email is in my blogger profile

Maaria said...

Cats are Bobo and Barnaby! :)


nihrida said...

*copies from Kelly* Bobo and Barnaby! =) I love it that you included your pets. :*

My email: amerseksasa at hotmail dot com

Thanks for opportunity!

MinderMutsig (Kirsten) said...

Bobo and Barnaby! I love the name Barnaby by the way.

Thank you for this giveaway!

mindermutsig at hotmail dot com

~Elizabeth said...

Bobo and Barnaby are your buddies. :)
Those bottles are so cute!

Twister said...

Awesome polishes! Very pretty colors. Your cats are BoBo and Barnaby.

PowerLifterChick said...

Bobo and Barnaby!!! I LOVE the pic of Bobo sittin funny on the bed, thats my fav pic ever!

This is a fab giveaway! I've been wanting some eyeko polish for forever!!!



mayra said...

Hi thanks for the giveaway ,#...
I'm a follower of course...
Your cat's names are Bobo and Barnaby...
You can email me at

Anonymous said...

So what can i say anymore :D
your cats name are Barnaby nd Bobo ;)
nd i have to say that i havent been so long yours followers so i really didn`t know :D

valpuri.p.korpi (at) hotmail (dot) com

Crystal said...

bobo and Barnaby, very cute names btw.

I'm a follower and hoping I win! Great polishes! My email is crystaldauria @

Lisa said...

You're cats are BoBo and Barnaby!!

My e-mail is:

Anonymous said...

Your idea should work if instead of a public comment we had to send you an email with the answer, eheheh!
Ok, your cats are Bobo and Barnaby.
Have you met my cuties too?

Arwen said...

Hey there! great giveaway :)
I'm a follower, and your cats are Bobo and Barnaby! I loooove cats xD

anyhoo, my email address is:

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Bobo and Barney! I hope i got it right, LOL! ;-P


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! I can't even copy correctly!
*hangs head in shame* The correct answer is Bobo and Barnaby.


rijaH said...

I will not cheat and look at the other comments :P
But I know they are called Barnaby and Bobo ;) I am a follower both here and on twitter(guess you know that haha) My email is

~Lisa said...

Bobo & Barnaby [Nice names!]

I also blogged here:

TipsToToes said...

Bobo and Barnaby :)

cdziuba said...

OOH, cute, hope I win.

rewcath said...

Bobo and Barnaby are your 2 cats. I'd love to win, I need some new nail polish

Fee said...

I love eyeko! I haven't tried any of the polishes tho.

orangeinsanity at hotmail dot com

and just incase: kitty-cats are Bobo and Barnaby.

מיכל said...

OMG these polishes are so cute!
Your cats' names are Bobo and Barnaby of course... :-)
My email is

Andreja said...

for me this is a very great giveaway and not even small (4 polish are not small thing to get).

You cats names are Bobo and Barnaby.

And my emial:

And of course I am your follower.

Best wishes

susies1955 said...

I'm a follower through bloglines. :)
Your cats names are BoBo and Barnaby.
Cool giveaway.

Shaimaa said...

Enter me please
Iam a follower
You cats name are Bobo & Barnaby

blog about it here

Anonymous said...

follower name: argaman_1234 (sorry for the anonymous)
it's a wonderful giveaway! I saw much more smaller giveaways in my life... the colors look great.
your cats are named Barnaby and Bobo, of course!
my e-mail address:

KaThy said...

eyeko looks cute, luv it, and also the giveaway ^^

your cats r named bobo n barnaby

i'm a follower

Ashwini said...

Your cats' names are Bobo and Barnaby (awesome names BTW)! My email address is Thanks hun!

susan said...

oh that is an easy one the names are BoBo and Barnaby.

nachtfee said...

Bobo and Barnaby :)

I'm a follower, my email: nachtfee. zlobko

aeerdna said...

hello! your two babies are called Bobo and Barnaby :D (btw, I'm a new follower :) ). Great giveaway!

Melia said...

Your cats are called Bobo and Barnaby. Lovely giveaway!
kmelia13 at gmail dot com

Grace said...

Barnaby and Bobo :)

I love these colors!


Ana Rita said...

Great giveaway! =)

Your cats have really cute names: Barnaby and Bobo ^^

Thank you for this opportunity!

Doo said...

My kisses to Bobo and Barnaby :*
My mail is on yahoo by the name doo.polishing Great giveaway!

Kim said...

Thanks for the giveaway & say hie to Bobo& Barnaby.

Camy said...

Your cats are called Bobo and Barnaby :)

Great giveaway!
my e-mail address:

hi said...

I do hope I win, you are too kind!

your cats are bobo and barnaby :)


Things i like said...

Bobo and Barnaby!(how cute!!!)
Great giveaway!
My e-mail adress is:

Tamara said...

Bobo and Barnaby :)

Lisa said...

Their names are Barnaby and Bobo. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Schokokeks said...
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LacquerObsession said...

nice giveaway!!

names are Bobo and Barnaby :)

email: blackpearl890(at)yahoo(dot)com

spread the word on my blog:

Inbaluly said...

thanks for the great giveaway! :-)
I think that your cats are so cute, both Barnaby and Bobo :-)
my e-mail:

Brooke said...

Bobo and Barnaby :) (I know you don't need to names, but they are so cute I thought I'd post them anyway!). I am a follower and my email is Thanks for the giveaway!

hello-world said...

Ur lil' cuties are Bobo and Barnaby! :o)
Thx for the giveaway!
I'm a follower!!! Yeepie!

JustScarllet said...


Your cats names are Bobo and Barnaby:)

Thanks for this oppurtunity.


Lu said...

your cats are Bobo and Barnaby!
great nail polishes:)


Anneli said...

Aww, those polish bottles are too cute!

Your cats are named Bobo and Barnaby. :)

andiegirl at gmail dot com

Noelle said...

I'm a follower! And your furbabies are Bobo and Barnaby! ;)
My e-mail is

NJchic said...

They are Bobo and Barnaby! Thanks!


Little Miss Lizzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michaela said...

The cats are Bobo and Barnaby.. I have three cats, they are all pretty crazy.

email: mls11487 at gmail dot com

Kaide said...

Your furry purries are called Bobo and Barnaby!!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

kaide.designs at

LouLou said...

Your babies are called Barnaby and Bobo :)

my email is:

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


Bcteagirl said...

Bobo and Barnaby!

Just found your blog through another and started following :)

teagirl1 at telus dot net

VampiressDoll said...

Bobo and Barnaby really match!
I am a follower. :)

Louise said...

Bobo and Barnaby are your fluff balls :) Enter me please x

Gabriela said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway.

Your cats are Bobo and Barnaby :)

Ireene said...

Bobo and Barnaby are the name of your cats.
Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

Angela said...

Bobo and Barnaby

shortnails said...

thanks for the giveaway

Barnaby and bobo they are

Tracey said...

Bobo and Barnaby. My cat's name is Snuffy.


Your cats are called Bobo and Barnaby.

I have a cat named parker :)

email: liis177 at gmail dot com

Heather M said...

Your cats are Bobo and Barnaby!!
My dogs names are Boog and Bella!

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

Daniela said...

Your cats are Barnaby and Bobo!
Great giveaway! I love Eyeko but never tried these before.

TheDailey said...

aww crap i missed it lol

jemscout425 said...

bobo & barnaby and i follow

smilekisses said...

Bobo and Barnaby. My cat's names are Snickelfritz Pu Garbonzo Bean and Kiki.

Sideral said...

Bobo and Barnaby!

iruneborao @

Anonymous said...

Bobo and Barnaby and they are so cute! I love these colors of polish! My girls will too if I get a chance at them!

Jennifer said...

lol i saw your "EDIT" line XD

your babies are called Bobo and Barnaby!

I'd love to enter this lovely giveaway, my email is:

tryme.imtoxic - gmail(dot)com