Friday, 22 January 2010

Giveaway Winner and some cat pictures!


I've just picked a winner for my giveaway that I did here.

Before I tell you who's won, here are some pictures of me picking the name -

Maz is away this weekend so I had to draft in some different invigilators :)

Barnaby checking I hadn't missed anyone out.

Bobo overseeing me folding the names into a box.

Both getting distracted briefly.... big wrestling match ensued!

Barnaby double checking that they're all there.

Bobo getting a bit bored of the whole thing.

Distracted again.... 2nd wrestling match ensues....

Ok, they're back to being sensible and ready to find out who has won!

.....and the winner is......


Now they can relax and get back to that wrestling....

So the winner is chocaddict! Congratulations! Chocaddict writes a fab blog that you can visit here.
I will be sending the prize to her very soon!

Thank you to everyone who entered!
I will be holding another giveaway very soon. I was going to wait for 300 followers but according to feedburner I've actually gone past that so I can do one whenever now!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Evil Angel said...

Congrats Chocoaddict!

Kirsten said...


chocaddict said...

OMG OMG OMG (sorry I'm getting a little overexcited here)! thanks so much Millie for the giveaway Millie and for the kind words too ^_^
Bobo and Barnaby are the cutests!

Anonymous said...

Barnaby and bobo are beautifull!

Lu said...

Congratulations Chocoaddict!!!

I love your cats :)

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness your cats are GORGEOUS!! Congrats Chocoaddict!!

Stella Bella said...

you have beautiful cats there! :D

Glittermillie said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Bobo and Barnaby are getting big heads :)