Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hard Candy's Mr Wrong and China Glaze's Blue Sparrow.


How is everyone? Good I hope despite it being the worst month of the year! Well I think it is anyway.

My car's in for it's MOT today and just found out it needs something really expensive doing (something to do with a CV joint?!).....sigh, when it rains it pours!

Nevermind... things could be far worse.

It's still freezing here. -6 at this precise moment in time. It's stopped snowing but everything's icing over. I wish I had ice skates because our road's resembling an ice rink at the moment!

I still haven't caught up with reading all the blog posts I missed when I was away. There are too many! Also I've been reading them in Google Reader which means I haven't been commenting. It's just easier to read loads that way but once I've caught up I'll go back to my dashboard and commenting! I know I love getting comments so I feel bad that I don't always keep up with commenting on other people's blogs.

Anyway to the nail polish!

Today I have 2 to show you from the package I got from the lovely Beauty Judy!

First off Hard Candy's Mr Wrong. I know you've all probably seen this many a time by now but I love it so much I just had to put it on here :)

Don't forget you can click on the pictures to get a better view!

I absolutely love this polish! I think it might become a firm favourite.

Secondly here is China Glaze's Blue Sparrow, the only reason there aren't more pictures is because my camera battery ran out!

Another lovely polish! I WANT ALL THE CHINA GLAZES!!

My nail's aren't that long anymore. I've cut them all completely down again. Hopefully this time will be the last as I've finally got rid of all of the yellow stains! So from now on, once they're long again, I will keep them that way!

Hope everyone's having a great week!


Anonymous said...

Is so cold here to, I live in Greater London and it's full of snow and it's just horrible!

Sorry about the car! Sucks when things like that goes wrong.

I'm on such a China Glaze kick at the moment. I got one through the post today (Flying Dragon) and its gorgeous. I get mine off ebay. I'll leave you the link to the seller if you wanted to get some :)

Twister said...

Gorgeous color

nihrida said...

Mr. Wrong looks so right to me...

Tuli said...

Wow ! That's sounds really cold over there....brrrr :-) We're having a strange winter here with lots of sunny days....

Both polishes are gorgeous ! I love these colors :-)

gildedangel said...

Both of these polishes look great on you!

TipsToToes said...

I agree with January being sucky, here in Seattle it's grey and depressing. Love those colors, they're amazing. I need Mr. Wrong, but I hate Walmart.

Nicole said...

Girl, you and me both about the China Glaze, I fall more in love with the brand the more I try them! Haha. I have a few for you now hidden away, for my package, so excited. I just got Blue Sparrow, I swatched it today and I LOVE IT! Stunning isn't it??
And it's frigid here. I wish the cold would go away.
Man. I hope it's not horrid with your car. You poor thing. But you know I understand how it pours, huh?

Musicalhouses said...

I've been dying to get Mr Wrong, I totally need to get someone to CP it for me! I'm in Central London right now, it's cold, but it isn't snowy...As in, there's snow, but it isn't building up on the ground. I guess it's all the heat from the cities.

And, I've just tagged you for an award! You can check it out at my blog, here:

Lucy said...

They both look lovely on you. I hate having to bring the car in for it's checkup. It's memories of having an older car that always needed expensive repairs. Thank God I don't have that anymore. The labor is so darn expensive. I love China Glaze also. I though I had tons more of OPI. I was shocked when I was putting my polishes in order that I have twice the amount of China Glaze. I always want everything they put out. Wish I could own it all but I can't. Be careful walking and driving. I hate the snow, ice and cold weather.

Elise said...

They look great in your pictures, but for me I always find those blue and greens make my fingers look white. Loving the sparkle though !!

Anonymous said...

They both look lovely on you, I'm so glad you like them!!!

Anonymous said...

PS: I'm sorry about the icky car troubles :( I hope it stops raining need to go buy an umbrella of some sort LOL

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