Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Secret Santa, a prize, a NOTD and a hello!

Hello Everyone!

How are you all? It seems like so long since I've done a blog post! I don't know how you guys that do daily posts do it!

I have had an interesting couple of weeks with good parts and bad parts. The bad parts mainly concern money and not having enough of it due to unexpected bills involving replacing a shower!! The good part though was the week off Maz and I had together. We didn't do much, it was very lazy due to lack of funds but it was still very enjoyable :)

Why is it the really expensive stuff always happens close to Christmas?! After moving we thought we'd have a lot more spare money but so far it hasn't happened!! I think after Christmas we will though... I shouldn't complain because there are people far worse off than me and it's hardly the biggest problem in the world not being able to buy nail polish!!!
I am doing a swap at the end of November though which I am SO excited about! Just hope Xmas post doesn't slow it up too much.

Anyway that's enough of my moaning! On to more exciting stuff :)

Firstly, I received my Secret Santa package about a week ago, this is what I got -

(L-R) Icing's Grape A Licious, Color Club's Electronica(a lot more purple than it looks here!) and Ruby Slippers.

My lovely Santa was Kellie from Also Known As. I love the colours she chose for me and they are my first Color Club's and Icing so I squealed when I saw them! I can't wait to try them out. Thank you Kellie!

I hope the package I sent gets to my recipient soon.. I was a bit late sending it out but it should be there any day now!

Secondly, I received my prize for winning the giveaway that Diana from painted Lady fingers had a while ago -

(Konad image plate M13, Konad Sponge Nail Art Set and Konad Special Polish in gold black.)

I was so excited to get this and I can't believe I haven't had a chance to try it out yet! Kathleen from OC Nail Art sent it directly to me and it got here really fast as does everything I order from her.

Thank you Diana and Kathleen, I can't wait to do some experimenting :)

Lastly, this is my NOTD -

Actually, it's more a NOTW as I've had it on for several days already! It's Collection 2000's Intense with China Glaze's Fairy Dust over the top.

You may have noticed that I have a tendancy to put fairy dust over everything unless it's a konad! I just can't resist.... C2000's Intense is a gorgeous colour on it's own but I forgot to take a picture... you can't see what it's like at all in these pictures. It's actually a deep green with blue and silver glitter in it. It is one of my current favourites and I have had a lot of compliments on it!

Speaking of compliments, I got the best one ever a couple of weeks ago when my friends were here. We were in Debenhams looking for false eyelashes and I stopped to ask a girl on the Nails Inc stand where they were and she asked me where I'd had my nails done. I was so happy that someone who does manicures for a living thought mine was done by a professional! Sad I know but it made me very happy :) I had a konad design on over China Glaze's IDK.

That's it for today. I, as always, am way behind on posts and have so much I want to show you all. I'm also behind on reading other people's blogs and hope I haven't missed out on anything major!!

Tomorrow I am determined to finally do the storage post I've been talking about for so long.....

Oh and I hit over 200 followers!! Yay! I never thought I'd get that many when I first started this and I was happy when I had just 10 so 200 is amazing. Thanks to all of you who read and comment on my blog, I really appreciate every single one of you.


gildedangel said...

Congrats on so many followers! That NOTD is so pretty!

Evil Angel said...

What a cool color and I am a layering fiend as well. I can't help it.

Jessica said...

Thats a great color. And you have to try Electronica its so pretty! Have fun with your new konad kit.
By the way it is not sad that someone asked if your nails were professional, I love it when people as me that, it makes my day!

kelliegonzo said...

i'm glad you like the polishes so much! they're some of my personal fav's :D so happy you're back to blogging, we missed you of course. but we know things come up <3

Lucy said...

Congrats on all your Followers. Glad you posted again. Miss hearing from you. Congrats on winning the Konad kit. Love your nails polishes. Very pretty shades. So sorry about your shower. With a house there are always unexpected things that go wrong. Hope nothing else goes wrong sweetie.