Thursday, 5 November 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

I have been tagged for the above award by 4 lovely ladies - Niki, Helen, Judy and Halifax! Thank you so much, you know how much I love these things :)

I also got tagged by Mae from Art of Nail for the below award -

The awards both have the same rules so I thought I'd do them in one post! So thank you to Mae as well!

Rules: List 7 facts about yourself and award another 7 bloggers.

I have to say that I'm running out of facts! So if I repeat myself I'm sorry... plus I've read loads of other people's facts over the past couple of days so I'm bound to end up copying someone!

Anyway, here goes -

1. I love to drive. When I was younger and all angsty nothing calmed me down more than going for a long drive.

2. I have a very strong sense of smell. Smells annoy me. While most people are admiring the smell of some pretty flowers, I'm completely overwhelmed by the scent. If I can smell something whilst trying to sleep I have to get up and remove whatever is causing the smell... yes, that includes Maz!! Haha, not really but I do have to have a word.... ;)

3. I will rant for days about ignorant people (ignorant in my eyes anyway). Things that have recently set me off - the Jan Moir article and the BNP. Probably only fellow UK bloggers will know what I'm talking about there!

4. I used to do youtube videos about makeup. I didn't do it for long as I soon realised it just wasn't for me. I never got to the point where I got haters but seeing them on other peoples video comments really turned me off the whole thing and even now I only watch videos occasionally and even more rarely read the comments (yes, it'd send me off on a rant again if people made horrible comments!). I just don't understand people who purposely try to hurt other people all because they can do it anonymously. So wrong. I've seen a lot of stuff going on in the makeup community lately that makes me feel really uncomfortable.

5. I'm always late. No matter how hard I try, something always happens to hold me up! I'm a complete hypocrite though as it annoys me when other people are late! I annoy myself by being late. I annoy Maz even more as he's always ready in plenty of time and can't understand why I faff so much!

6. I am a home girl. I do like to go out occasionally with friends/Maz for drinks/meal/cinema etc but I am happiest when at home with Maz and the cats. My idea of bliss is curling up with a good book.

7. Maz thinks that Bobo and I have a pyschic link. When I'm ill, she's ill, when I'm down, she's down, when I'm hyper, watch out for Bobo! My mum tells me I'd have been burnt at the stake in the old days!!

I tag -


Halifax said...

Thanks for accepting the tag :-) It's too bad that you gave up youtube for its cruelty. I'm safe with just watching videos, and not posting any :-)

Great to know more about you

Lucy said...

That's funny about your cat. My dog was like that with me. I also had a black cat that only liked me and used to sit on my shoulder. He would hiss at my Mom, Dad and Brother. I can't believe how nasty some people are. I just don't understand it either.

Caitlin said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you with an award in my latest blog post! :)

Luciana said...

Hi! I was reading your blog ( cause I love gittering things as well), and loved this entry with the facts about you! and about being burn at the mum says the same thing! Lovely cat!
And I don't understand people's need to hurt others! I get often disappointed with that!
Well, lovely blog!
Ohh and a Hug from Brazil! =D


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