Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My Weekend!

Warning this post is picture heavy and doesn't have much to do with nail polish at all!!

This last weekend 2 of my friends from my hometown came to visit. They flew up on Friday and went back on Sunday.

Due to their visit, along with the wedding the weekend before and inbetween having a cold I have not done any swatches to show you at all, thus why I'm doing a non nail polish related post :)

Anyway we had an absolutely brilliant weekend. Lots of shopping, lots of drinking, lots of gossiping and best of all lots of laughing! We went out both nights and on both nights we took longer getting ready to go out than actually going out!!

Here are just a few of the pictures taken over the course of the weekend. The ones of just me are to show you my makeup for the 2nd night (I forgot to take any the first night!) -

The first thing the girls wanted to see when they got here was The Trafford Centre (big shopping centre for those of you who don't know!). This is Nisa at the entrance to the food hall.

View of the food hall. We ate at a place called Pesto which is Italian tapas. YUM!

Every single post/lamp post is decorated like this around there.

Picture of the 3 of us before going out the first night. It was meant to be the quiet night but it didn't really turn out that way....

Me in the club we went to first night. It was called Cinnabar and it was AMAZING! The DJ was one of the best I've ever heard.

Picture of Barnaby that Hanna took. So cute! He was very friendly to our guests. Bobo was friendly but not quite this friendly!

Picture of the 3 of us before going out on the 2nd night. It's unusual for me to wear black out but I made up for the lack of colour with my eye makeup!

Our shoes! Nisa and I have China Glaze's Ruby Pumps on our toes.

Hanna and I.

Me pretending the whole jug of cocktail was mine... pretending...honestly...

See, I poured it into glasses in the end :) It's sex on the beach if anyone's interested!

More pictures of the 3 of us throughout the night. The club we're in is called Tiger Tiger. Ironically, despite me living in Manchester it was Hanna who found us the places to go. I don't really go to clubs and stuff unless I'm with them!

Looking for Prince Harry... private joke, very funny at the time!!

Finally here are some pictures of me to show you my eye makeup. I meant to take some better close ups but as always I forgot!!

Ignore Maz trying to get involved on that last one!! He was our taxi driver for the weekend. He took and picked us up from everywhere, plus looked after us all when we came home a little worse for wear....

So that was my weekend! It was one of the best ever. Can't wait for them to come again!

I am so behind in everything blog wise. I haven't responded to comments, left comments on other people's blogs, posted about my storage, done any swatches or reviewed a couple of things I've been sent recently! In my defence I have been incredibly busy and also have been battling with a cold that just won't go away! Normal service will resume shortly... I hope. Just know that I really appreciate each and every comment I get and I am still reading blogs!


awesomevegan said...

I am glad you had some nice nights out. I know how you feel about not being up to speed on blogs. I have been sick too. Some viral chest congestion thing I have had for almost 2 weeks. Been to the doctor. Don't worry :)

Mama Jen said...

your makeup looks the blue. Looks like everyone had a great time!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Spending time with the besties is always full of gossiping and laughing and that is most fun ever. Your makeup looks great, I like that look!

Inbal said...

the three of you looks so happy and radiant :-) it's great to have this kind of weekend with good friends!

Skye said...

looks like u ladies had a great timeee =D

Beatriz said...

i love the last picture - so funnY!

Lucy said...

Hope your feeling better sweetie. I think what makes a good blog is that you had some of yourself. Like your pictures of your friends. You all looked fantastic. Hey Miss Low-Cut Blouse! Looking gorgeous. You should have a picture of your taxi driver Maz!

♥nat said...

OMG it looks like you had so much fun!!! Loving the makeup!

Yummy drink choice :)

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Love the picture of the 3 shoes and 3 drinks! Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far. :)

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