Saturday, 15 August 2009

Small Haul and Quick Konad!


Yesterday Maz left to go to see his family for the weekend so after dropping him at the station I went to Tescos to get a few treats and discovered they do Collection 2000 now (probably have for a while but I haven't been to Tescos for ages!) so of course I had to buy a few :) Also I got a base coat and a curved nail file. I'm a sucker for things like the nail file. Anything new and I want to try it!

So here's what I got -

and a close up of the colours -

I think I will be getting some Hot Looks to be part of my giveaway so I will be swatching them all over the next week to see what colours seem to be most popular!

Next is a quick konad I did. I'd like to say before you look at the photo that I plan on doing lots of swatching/konad etc today so everything is going on fast and coming off fast so please ignore my horrible cuticles!!! I usually tidy up alot more before taking pictures but I'll won't get much done if I have to do that everytime today :)

This was inspired by a look I saw on neglelakkmani's blog a while ago. Her's is a MILLION times better but I still quite like this. I wish I had the same butterfly stamp as her though! The white polish is a maybelline one meant for doing french tips but it's the only white I have.

Also you may have noticed I put the stamps on upside down.... duh! Lets just say I'm having one of those days! Disappearing diet coke, turning the oven on and then forgetting about it, tripping over cats... I could go on! Maybe it's the vast amounts of chocolate raisins I've eaten going to my head?!


Steelnpurple said...

I've never seen a curved nail file before! I MUST keep my eyes out for that one! And I just love the two pink and the darker red/pink nail polishes.. gorgeous..!

Mary said...

That nail file looks like a good idea! I never know which way to stamp those types of images :) ooks very nice though, either way.

Kae said...

Your nail file is interesting, how is it supposed to work/be better? I like your butterfly came out great!

mookiej said...

Your Konad looks awesome! The butterflies are really sharp and detailed...not blurry at all (a problem I have sometimes when the design is small and detailed).

Looks super to me! Looking forward to you swatches!

Nicole said...

Hahaha, you never did find your Diet Coke, did you? Aww.
Loving the Hot Looks! Of course! And that Konad is neat, I LOVE the butterflies!
Can't wait to hear more about your new nail file!

gildedangel said...

What an interesting nail file! I love how the butterflies came out on your nails!

Lucy said...

I've never seen a file like that. Strange but hope it works well for you. Your Konad turned out well. Who cares which direction it's in. It's pretty.