Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hot Looks Ninja and konad


This is the first of the Hot Looks that I have to show you. It's called Ninja and is a shade of green I wouldn't usually go for but I thought I'd give it a go!

I wasn't at my photo taking best yesterday so I don't really have that many good ones to show you!

2 coats, no top coat. As usual I LOVE the brush that comes with Hot Looks. It's still the best I've used.

Then I decided to do a quick konad over the top. Well I used all konad tools but the print itself isn't a konad one.

I've had that look on since yesterday and I've grown to really like it now! I think I may do it again in the future.
Lastly some kitty love :) I just can't resist.
Bobo -

Barnaby -

The 2 of them playing. Barnaby looks as big as Bobo here but it's just the angle! He's tiny in real life :)

Yes, I do follow them round with a camera permanently in my hand.
Oh and a few of you asked about the curved file that I showed you on my last post. I plan to try it out properly today and will let you know what's it's like!


Steelnpurple said...

This is as you said not a green I'd go for either but it actually looks quite wearable on the nails! Funky, fresh!

Nosaby said...

I love that color, but it wouldn't look right on me. Your nails look great.

And those kitties! Adorable.

paintedladyfingers said...

Very grassy! Stamping is addictive. I love adding little flourishes with the Konad or fauxnad. It yielded a pretty little garden on your nails.

I love the kitty boxing match too! I spent yesterday following my friend's cat around. I know the feeling.

gildedangel said...

Your nails look great, and your kitties are so cute!!!

ButtonSoph said...

I love the colour. Thanks for following my blog x

Jen said...

I love it. I bought Ninja a while back but still haven't worn it, my bad!!

Kae said...

I like this green, I guess I too would never have grabbed this lol you are so brave!

Lucy said...

That green is fabulous! I love it on you. I'm glad Bobo is feeling better. Barnaby is getting bigger!