Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Future giveaway


I am very nearly at 50 followers! Woohoo! Doesn't seem like that long ago that Nicole was my only one :)

Anyway I was thinking that I may have a giveaway when I hit 50 (or very soon afterwards).

It wouldn't be a massive giveaway I'm afraid as I'm very low on spondoolies at the moment but I'm sure I could put something together...

I was going to post pictures of BarryM Cyan today but I peeled it all off in the bath before I took any daylight pictures.... ooopsie! I just couldn't resist... It's the first time a BarryM has done that but I did think when I was putting it on that I was doing it too thickly! Never mind, I'll put it on again later and take some pics :)

Off to the cinema tonight (got to love 2for1 Orange Wednesdays!). Unfortunately it's Maz's choice though and he wants to see Bruno...... I've heard good and bad things about it but I know I found Borat a bit uncomfortable to watch in parts and this is meant to be worse so we shall see!


Kae said...

I love peeling things lol, it's so satisfying is it not?

Have fun at the cinema, good luck with Bruno ^^;)

Velvet said...

Lol....I've peeled off polish before. Just something fun about it some! Have a good time at the movies.

paintedladyfingers said...

A giveaway with a polish not available in the states would be wonderful. It wouldn't have to be pricey. Of course, that's my perspective. It would depend on the geography of your readership whether or not that would be the best option. ;)

Have fun tonight!

Nicole said...

Haha, mine usually starts peeling at work - so I have to help it along. It's compulsive. Isn't it crazy how fast your list of followers grows? I love the polish blogging world. It's sooo much fun and very satisfying. Don't you find it so different than YT??
You know how I feel about your giveaway - and to boot, I love good bargain nail polish!
Congratulations, Sarah <3

Inbal said...

3 more to go :-)
I'm glad to be one of your followers - your blog is so much fun to read.

Danielle said...

LOL, well you will just have to re-paint! I am dying to see a swatch of Barry M Cyan up close and personal! Enjoy Bruno and have fun!

Blogspot Beauty said...

I'm follower Number 50! :)

Lucy said...

Hope you enjoyed Bruno. I waited quite a while till I saw hiw other film. I hate when there is so much publicity and they show practically the whole movie. I wait longer and then I'm not sick of hearing about the film. I really love his humor.