Sunday, 31 May 2009

I went shopping yesterday and bought some more BarryM nail polishes. I think I'm getting obessessed! The ones I have on at the moment are the yellow on my fingernails (BarryM 134) and fuchsia on my toe nails (BarryM 302).

I love, love both of these colours. The yellow is my first really bright nail polish and I wasn't convinced it'd suit me but I really like it and now want all the other brights!

There are 2 coats on fingers and toes. No top coat as I didn't think they needed it.

I bought some other colours too but I shall reveal more about them once I have them on!

Today I have been rearranging furniture. I have no idea why I chose to do it today on such a hot day! Bad move but it's done now and looks much better!

Oh and I just have to say that I am completely copying MagicXMaid by putting photos of my nails on here :) I also think she may also be responsible for my obsession!!


Nicole said...

Hahaha, ooh, don't feel bad. I got obsessed when I started reading nail polish blogs! Post polishes away! And I WANT SOME BARRY M! We need to start an exchange program.