Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Still being lazy...

So I still haven't taken any photos to post or anything....

I'm thinking maybe this blog should be more about me and less about my makeup as to be honest I haven't been buying much else other than nail varnish recently!

My boyfriend and I are moving again soon so we're saving money for that. We're moving more into the country side as I really don't like living in such a built up area! I come from a very small town and I really miss the open space and you don't get much of that so close to Manchester centre. Fingers crossed we may even get a dog once we're there!

Going to see We Will Rock You tomorrow. I can't wait. Not only for the show but getting ready for the show! Is it sad that getting ready is sometimes my favourite part?! I just love putting on makeup :) I'm thinking a blue look...maybe I'll even take a picture! Ok....don't hold your breath!!

I also haven't made a video for youtube for months.... I just don't have the motivation. Everytime I go on there to look at other videos there's some drama going on and it really puts me off. I think maybe I should just stick to watching, I'm not good with negativity!

So yeah that's all for now!


Nicole said...

That's pretty much why I haven't posted a video in ... three months! Just not interested in the drama. I am having much more fun blogging - and no pressure on when I post or what I post about.
I'd love to move - and I just moved but I don't like my location either, out to the countryside sounds FUN.