Monday, 16 August 2010

Gosh Holographic Konadicure and The Google Game


I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty quiet but I did go to a party on Saturday night so I did my nails for the occasion.

I finally bought Gosh's Holographic so thought I'd give that a go topped with Konad black polish using image plate M70.

I really loved the result -

Excuse the cuticle area... I've been picking!

I got lots of comments on this manicure, always a good sign :)

I absolutely love Gosh Holographic, I don't know why I put off getting it for so long.

Lastly, I saw the Google game on several people's blogs and thought I'd give it a go. It made me laugh a lot!

My life according to Google - Type in the following and choose from the first description found.... Be honest, don't just pick one out to be funny!

1: Type in "[name] needs" in the Google search:

Sarah needs your manly vote... (yes, a manly vote, a vote that is manly, that is what I need)

2: Type in "[name] looks like" in Google search:

Sarah looks like fuckin nicole richie in this picture... (ahhhh yes, I'm always being compared to that f*ckin Nicole Richie)

3: Type in "[name] hates" in Google search:

Sarah hates your movie... (apparently I'm a film critic in my spare time)

4: Type in "[name] goes" OR "[name] has gone" in Google search:

Sarah goes down... (*snort* how did that get online?! hehe! This one made me giggle! The worrying thing is it was a link to an article about Blue Peter...that's a UK childrens's programme to all you non Brits!)

5: Type in "[name] loves" in Google search:

Sarah loves chicken poop... (my secret's out, what can I say, it's really an acquired taste)

6: Type in "[name] eats" in Google search:

(Ex-Sex Slave) Sarah Eats Sushi... (this was a link to a youtube video... I didn't watch it but I have all sorts of things running through my head!)

7: Type in "[name] has" in Google search:

Sarah had a jolly good moan... (is it me or do I sense a theme here?! This was actually the 2nd link, the first was - Woman has 200 orgasms a day. Sarah Carmen suffers from Permanent ... but wasn't sure if that counted... strangely the 2 links seem to be linked ;)

8: Type in "[name] works" in Google search:

Sarah works as a consultant... (finally something innocent!)

9: Type in"[name] lives" in Google search:

Sarah lives in Germany... (I do??)

10: Type in "[name] died" in Google search:

Sarah died needlessly in 'tent on wheels'... (what's a tent on wheels?!)

11.Type in "[name] does" in Google search:

Sarah does not eat humans... (why would someone need to ever say this!?!)

12: Type in "[name] will" in Google search:

Police doubt 'Sarah's Law' will cause vigilante attacks... (no links with Sarah will came up at all)

13.Type in "[name] is" in Google search:

SARAH IS BEAUTIFUL Sarah is beautiful inside and out, She's the most beautiful girl, When I'm dancing with Sarah and the stars are out, I am on top of the... (my stalker's been online again)

Let me know if you have a go at this game, I love reading other people's!