Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Bling!


Just a quickie post to show those of you who have asked, and are not on twitter, my engagement ring!

Here it is -

I love it so much. Maz chose it all on his own and he couldn't have chosen anything more perfect.

I'll show you what I was wearing on my nails that day because, this is, of course, a nail blog!

The pictures were taken several days into the manicure though so there's alot of tip wear.

Also, for some reason I didn't take very many pics so these aren't the best -

The base is OPI's Absolutely Alice with Stargazer's silver chrome printed on the top with konad image plate M60.

I've chopped my nails off today to as short as they'll go because they're in such bad condition. Think I might go naked for a couple of weeks to try and give them a break... bet I don't last more than a couple of days!

Hope everyone's doing great! Sorry about my appauling lack of responding to comments... I will really try to catch up!