Friday, 16 October 2009

I'm still alive!


Just a quick post to say sorry for my terrible lack of posts lately! We are all moved in to the new place and so far absolutely loving it!

Since moving I haven't been online much (not necessarily a bad thing!) and am completely out of the loop blog and twitter wise. Everything is unpacked but I've moved it all around about a million times and then once I get the furniture right I decide I have to reorganise all the stuff stored in the furniture!! It's taking a while :)

The cats love it here and spend most of their time chasing each other up and down the stairs and generally making a lot of noise. They were, of course, a lot of help with the packing and unpacking......*coughs* and I didn't want to throttle them at all ;)

So as you can guess I haven't put any nail polish on for a while! My nails are completely wrecked from the moving and cleaning and they need LOTS of tlc. I'm going to try the warmed up olive oil that Lucy suggested to me.

I have lots of polishes to show you though and a very small giveaway coming up. Also I think I will do a post about my storage as I always love to see everyone else's!

So, sorry again for my neglectful ways. Normal service will be resumed shortly!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of Bobo and Barnaby taken over the course of the move.

Watching Maz load things into van.

Barnaby making sure we don't forget him.

Bobo checking that we haven't left anything in the drawers. (She'd actually just spotted Barnaby about to pounce on her, just after this photo there was a big scuffle in a very small space!)

Barnaby making sure the boxes are ok and safe to use.

Bobo discovering a good hiding place in the new place.

Both tired after a hard days packing.

It's a hard life for pussy cats.


Skye said...

0oo0 glad ur bak hun missed ur posts,cant wait to see some upcomming posts from u... ur cats look like there having a great old time. goodluck with the rest of ur move. take care =D

Mary said...

Glad you're getting settled in and enjoying the new place. Kitties look like they're very happy in their new home :)

Lucy said...

So glad that your all moved in. Much love and blessings for the both of you in your new home. The cats are loving their new home. I love all the photos and your captions! They're adorable and funny. Good time to re-organize things. Everyone needs to do that from time to time. I guess you'll be moving things around to you both feel nice and settled. How's Maz liking your new home. It's really wonderful that you bought a home together. It's okay about not checking in. You had some really important things to do than worry about nail polish! Have a wonderful weekend.

awesomevegan said...

I am glad you are (mostly) settled in and that the cats are having so much fun! :) Such cute pictures.

Aralka said...

these cats are so cute <3
love them!

Selina said...

I loathe moving house - loathe, despise and detest it. Your kitties, however, look like they loved every minute of it!

Happy housewarming!

Velvet said...

Good to hear that your settling in. Things will line themselves out soon enough. The cats are so cute.

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, they are so cute, I love your captions. Haha! Inanna would be just as much of a "helper" I am too sure. Glad you're getting settled and good to hear from you :) Missed you of course!

Bickyyy @ Tastes Like Glitter ... said...

Come back soon. :D And those cats are gorgeous.

nihrida said...

Weeeeee! Kittens and cats...and so many of them. Love them, love them all!!!