Friday, 2 October 2009

7 Things Tag and a contest from The Hungry Asian!


First off, Heather from Lambchop Mobile tagged me for the 7 things tag going around at the moment. I'd been hoping to be tagged so thanks Heather :)

The colour that the Mighty Lambchop chose for me is orange. ORANGE! That is quite possibly the most difficult one she could have chosen for me as I don't really have a lot of it! I thought I wouldn't be able to find anything but I managed to find a few bits and pieces in the end.

So here it is -

1 - Harlan Coben's Back For Good. This is the first Harlan Coben I ever read and still probably my favourite.

2 - All the orange pens that I own. Stationary is another of my addictions, but I didn't think I had any orange pens... shows how much I know!

3 - The only item of clothing I own with any orange in it! I do quite like this top though and it's one of Maz's favourites on me.

4 - The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter. This stuff is great and smells divine!

5 - The only 2 orange nail polishes that I own - Sinful Color's Serena and Chloe and Collection 2000's Hip Hop.

6 - Turmeric - I love to cook and use this a lot in curries etc.

7 - This was a dodgy one as I'm not sure you can really call it orange but... it's the best I could do! It's a giant paw bed that was originally Bobo's but now Barnaby sleeps on it most of the time. They both love to pad on it.

I think nearly everyone's been tagged by now but I will try to tag people that I haven't seen a tag for yet...

awesomevegan (I'm sorry, I don't know your name!)

If you've already been tagged or already done it and I've somehow missed it then please ignore me :)

The colour I choose is..... BLUE!

Secondly, Kae, from The Hungry Asian is have her 1st giveaway and it's a fantastic one! The prizes are a bottle of MAC Baby Goth Girl, Hard Candy's Mr Wong and China Glaze's Fortune Teller. I want all 3 of these so much! I wonder if she'll notice if I enter under every name I can think of.... ;)

To enter go here!


VampiressDoll said...

I did this! I thought the Turmeric was a nail polish at first. :)
I think orange is a hard one but you did a great job. x

Mighty Lambchop said...

Thanks for playing along! Your top is super cute.

Lucy said...

I love Turmeric in dishes. I've not made a curry but I do like them. I love stationery also. I have very little now since I don't really write much anymore. Email is too easy. I don't even own any items of clothing in orange. There's plenty of decorations for Fall & Halloween around the house wiht orange in them. Cute tag.

Joyce said...

Millie that tag looks like a lot of fun! I'll try to get to that as soon as I have some free time xx :D