Monday, 19 April 2010

Fuchsia Rainbow


How has everyone been? Good I hope!

Here are some pictures of the manicure I've had on for the past few days.

I started off with Barry M's Fuchsia topped with Sinful Color's Forget Now -

2 coats of Barry M Fuchsia plus 1 coat of Sinful Color's Forget Now

Now I was perfectly happy with this manicure but then I went shopping and gave into buying Gosh's Rainbow :) I'm not meant to be buying nail polish at the moment but I just couldn't resist any longer!
When I got home I didn't have time to do a whole new manicure so I just added the Rainbow over the top of the pink -

LOVE! I have to say though that my camera just doesn't have the capabilities of capturing the Rainbow polish effect properly. It is SO much nicer in real life!

Here's picture of polishes used -

Anyway, I now want to try Rainbow over every polish I own. A back up bottle would be a good idea me thinks ;)