Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Models Own Blue Med


Today I thought I'd show you one of the polishes from my Models Own haul. I couldn't decide which one to try first so I just closed my eyes and picked. Blue Med was the winner!

These pics are all pre clean-up so excuse the mess!

This was 3 coats and no top coat. The colour photographs really well and is exactly like this in real life.
I was really impressed overall with this polish. The brush is very precise and easy to use and I had no problems with application whatsoever. It dried really fast between coats and isn't as sheer as I thought it might be. Although there is a bit of a VNL in these pics, it isn't nearly so obvious in real life!
It's a gorgeous pale blue and reminds me so much of a polish I used to wear all the time when I was younger that I sadly lost at some point so I'm really pleased I picked this one. Can't wait to try the others now!

If you read my last post then you'll know I've been away for the weekend. I had a great time but am still pretty tired from it! A few too many shots were consumed.... I very rarely drink and will probably stop completely at some point but when I have a few too many I go a bit doo lally!!

Hope everyone had good weekends!