Monday, 7 September 2009

Ten Bloggers & Ten Random Facts Award

Rebecca from
Panda Does Makeup tagged me for this award. Thank you Rebecca!
I will try to think of some facts that I've never told you guys before but if I repeat myself then ignore me!

The Rules:

I share 10 random facts about me

I then tag 10 blogs I ♥ reading

10 random facts:
1. I love to clean. I don't mean in an obsessive 'I must get rid of all the germs' way, I mean I just enjoy cleaning. It relaxes me. I even have books about it. My mum can't believe how much I enjoy it because as a child I was the untidiest person ever! She used to dump everything on my bed to try to get me to tidy up but I'd just dump it all back on the floor again :) I was a delight.
2. I can't watch result/eviction shows or auditions for anything like X Factor (UK version of American Idol), Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing etc. I can't stand seeing people have their dreams smashed/made a fool of/booed etc. It makes me feel sick. If I get into a programme like that then I always switch off when it gets to those bits :) To be honest though I don't watch many programmes like that full stop but I do LOVE Strictly Come Dancing and get very excited about it.
3. I am double jointed. My fingers and toes bend backwards and I freak people out showing them.
4. When I was 16 I had a horse riding accident and shattered a bone in my elbow that had to be operated on. 14 years later I still have a lot of issues with that elbow and struggle with things like bowling and throwing!
5. My Grandad was a vicar and my Grandma played the church organ for every service he did.
6. I used to be in a steel band. We played at fetes and concerts. I also used to play the guitar, piano and drums.
7. I don't do diets. One of my biggest loves in life is food, I don't believe in making myself miserable to lose weight so I just accept that I'm never going to be a size 10 (ummmm US sz 6?!). I'm not huge but I'm not thin either. I have lots of cuddly bits ;) One of my and Maz's favourite thing to do is go out for dinner and I would hate for that to be lost due to a diet!! 
8. I don't like onions. I hate the taste and the smell. I especially hate raw onions. I spend far too much time picking onion out of things! I don't mind it in a sauce though, as long as it's not visable.
9. My mum drank so many milkshakes when she was pregnant with me that I was born allergic to cows milk. Over time I got over the allergy but I am still a bit lactose intolerant so I tend to use soya products for most things otherwise I get really bad acid indigestion.
10. Maz tells me 1 thing he loves about me every day. They are always different and they always make me smile. Yesterdays was that he loves when I sing show songs at the top of my voice for no reason, the day before it was he loves how I tie my favourite lounging trousers up with a hairband to keep them up because the elastic is gone so I end up with this silly looking thing at the front (they're my favourite, I don't want to throw them away!). The little ones like that are the ones I love to hear the most :)
10 bloggers I read religiously: (in no particular order)
Beauty Judy
Getcha Nails Did
Helen and Sheenie's Nice Things
Magic Maid
Nails in Aus
The Digital Rebel
Marble Nails
Body and Soul
Pretty Clever
That is just a fraction of the blogs that I read religiously and I wish I could include everyone. I've just gone with blogs that I have read a post on recently so are fresh in my mind but I read EVERYONE's blogs and love them all :)


beautyjudy said... first off...if you're ever on the East Coast in are MORE than welcome to come clean my house! It's not big! LOL Second, Maz sounds like an amazing guy :)!!!! Thanks for the tag :) xo!

Mary said...

Thanks for the tag :) Maz sounds like he makes you very happy and could we see a video of your double jointedness~haha!

Kae said...

I loved reading all 10 things about you! I know someone who is the same about onions and they said it's something genetic, like you are born hating onions. Well there was some science explanation here but it got all lost on me lol! Maz is so sweet! :)

Nicole said...

Aww, thanks for the tag Sarah! I rather remember you saying you liked cleaning :) I wish I did! Haha. I do go into a cleaning frenzy about once every couple of weeks, and just do light cleaning throughout the week. Weird, I know. Haha at you dumping stuff right off your bed! Maz sounds like such a nice guy, that's a really touching thing to do.
I think the main reason I only watched a small amount of American Idol was because of how awful it was to watch someone lose like that, and the things Simon says are often so...horrid!
You know I don't do diets either, I also love food. However, I'm not so small as you, I wear a size 12. Haha. Lots of wobbly bits, luckily Tony doesn't mind at all!
Haha, we are lucky girls, huh? ;)
Oh! And I agree with Mary about seeing your double jointedness!

Lucy said...

Sarah, Maz is the most adorable and sweetest guy. That is a wonderful thing to do. Actually bought a tear to my eye. I love reading these tags. I started reading the tag about your cleaning and I said to my girlfriend "Shame Sarah lives in England"! I do it but it doesn't relax me. I laughed about your dumping stuff on the floor. Cute.

Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle said...

beautyjudy - I'll clean your house in return for NAIL POLISH!! Haha!

Mary - Yeah, Maz does make me very happy. I'm very lucky. I'm not sure about a video on my double jointedness but maybe some pictures!

Kae - Ooo I wonder if that's true?! If it is then I was born to not like coffee as well!

Nicole - we are indeed very lucky! I always hate when girls say 'oh so and so would hate it if I put on weight' or 'so and so would dump me if I put on too much weight' I personally could never be with someone who didn't love me for me no matter what size I am!
Simon Cowell is harsh but sometimes I think he has to be to get it through to people... not that I like it, thus why I don't watch!

Lucy - Maz is an amazing guy and I'm so lucky to have him! Not that he's perfect of course ;)
As I said to Judy, I will clean for nail polish ;)
My mum and I laugh about the battle we had over my room now but I bet I drove her absolutely mad at the time!

Liparazzi said...

Great to know more facts about other bloggers!Enjoyed reading them. Come stop by my blog sometime :)

Selina said...

Thank you so much for tagging me :-) I am unbelievably far behind in my blog reading, sorry it took so long!

Anonymous said...

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