Friday, 8 August 2008

My first blog!

So this my first blog! I've been reading so many other people's recently that I thought I'd give it a go too.... I don't know if it's going to be interesting though and I'm not sure how frequently I'll update it!

At the moment my page is looking pretty bare and boring but bear with me while I learn how to make it look a bit more interesting!!

So what can I say in my first blog.....

Well I'm a makeup addict and a youtube addict. I have recently started making videos on youtube about my makeup and doing a few looks although my main love is actually watching other peoples videos! I haven't made very many yet but I'm getting there! My youtube channel is - if anyone's interested!

I love looking for and buying makeup. I spend WAY too much time surfing the net looking for makeup bargains!

At the moment I am looking for a dress and accessories for my brother's upcoming wedding. Once I've found the dress I can start planning the makeup!
I'm very excited about the wedding and have been thinking about it for months!

So I think I'll leave it at that for my first blog... I will try to update it regularly!


Pinkpornstar1 Beauty Review said...

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